Creating a Trading View Strategies using PineCone: A Step-by-step Guide

Creating a Trading Strategy using Code


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When it comes to financial charting tools, TradingView stands at the top of the pile. It's not just because of its comprehensive and interactive charts; the power of TradingView lies in its ability to allow users to create, backtest, and implement trading strategies with their unique scripting language called Pine Script.

Recently, however, a new language, PineCone, has been introduced, designed to make the development of trading strategies even more accessible, flexible, and efficient. Today, we will explore how to create a trading strategy on TradingView using PineCone.

PineCone: A Brief Overview

PineCone is a streamlined programming language for crafting custom strategies and technical indicators in TradingView. Like its predecessor, Pine Script, PineCone is specially designed for non-programmers. It simplifies coding to a series of logical steps, making the creation of complex trading strategies accessible for traders with limited or no coding experience.

Step 1: Accessing the PineCone Editor

To begin with, navigate to the PineCone editor on TradingView. Click on the 'Pine Editor' tab, then select 'New' > 'Strategy in PineCone'. This opens a blank PineCone script where you'll code your strategy.

Step 2: Defining Your Strategy

Start your strategy by naming it and defining its default properties. Enter the following code:

@strategy("My First PineCone Strategy", overlay=true, initial_capital=100000, currency="USD")

This code creates a strategy named "My First PineCone Strategy," which is displayed in the chart's overlay with an initial capital of $100,000.

Step 3: Defining Your Entry and Exit Conditions

After defining your strategy, decide on what conditions you want to use for entry and exit signals. For simplicity's sake, let's say we want to go long when the price crosses above the 50-day moving average (MA) and sell when it crosses below the 50-day MA. Enter the following code:

longCondition = ta.crossover(ta.close, ta.sma(ta.close, 50))
if (longCondition)
    strategy.entry("Long", strategy.long)

shortCondition = ta.crossunder(ta.close, ta.sma(ta.close, 50))
if (shortCondition)

The ta.crossover and ta.crossunder functions check if the price crosses over or under the 50-day moving average, respectively. When these conditions are met, the strategy either enters a long position or closes it.

Step 4: Backtesting Your Strategy

To backtest your strategy, click the 'Add to Chart' button on the PineCone editor. TradingView will then plot your strategy on the chart, and you can see every entry and exit point based on your strategy's conditions. You can also view a summary of performance metrics like net profit, drawdown, the number of trades, win rate, etc.

Step 5: Refining Your Strategy

After backtesting, you might want to refine your strategy. Maybe you want to add stop losses or take profit levels, or perhaps you want to adjust your entry and exit conditions. Feel free to modify your PineCone code and iterate your strategy until you're satisfied.

Incorporating risk management into your strategy can be done by adding a few lines of code


This code will exit your position if it incurs a loss of 1% (stop loss) or makes a profit of 2% (take profit).


Creating a trading strategy on TradingView using PineCone is a breeze, even for those with little to no coding experience.

The key is to define your strategy, establish entry and exit conditions, backtest, and refine your strategy as needed.

Keep in mind that trading involves risk and no strategy guarantees profit. Therefore, always test your strategy thoroughly before using it for live trading.

Remember, a great trading strategy isn't just about making profits; it's about managing risks.

With PineCone, you have the power to design, test, and perfect your trading strategy, making TradingView an essential tool in your trading arsenal.

Happy trading, and happy coding!

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